Cheers to Sustainability

Because we’ve built our own brewery and manage all the distribution, we’re able to flexibly make small and big changes. Think more progressive practices that result in not only better products, but a better planet too. It’s one of our favorite parts of our journey.
  • Composting

    As you can imagine, we brew lots and lots of tea, which means we end up with hundreds of pounds of used tea leaves! Instead of tossing them out as garbage, we compost every bit, along with aging SCOBY, giving them a second life as nutrient-rich fertilizer.

  • Water Preservation

    Lots of water is used during the brewing and chilling phase of the tea. To address that, we apply various techniques to minimize evaporation and then use the water for cooling and cleaning.

  • Switching to Cans

    Our switch to cans was a big move! Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable, and because of how light they are, they require significantly less fuel and energy to transport and recycle as compared to glass bottles.

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